How To Make A Whiteboard Video

In most cases, people have a general outline or idea of what they’d like their video to say, however, translating that into a script can often times be tough.  Script writing takes some basic skills and imagination.

Coming up with a script for your whiteboard animation videos can be painstakingly difficult.  Having an adequate script is the most important part of any highly converting custom whiteboard video.   Without a solid script, your animation videos will be nothing more than flashing images without any real hook to engage the viewer and keep their attention.

When made well, whiteboard animation videos can have a high impact on generating better conversion rates and ROIs; thereby making your investment well worth the effort!

Here are a few tips on how to make a whiteboard animation video:

  1. Tell a compelling story.Telling a story will help you relate to the viewer. If you have experience with the problem that plagues the potential consumer, then share it!  This will not only help the viewer remain engaged with the video, but will also help you connect with them on a personal level.  People are more likely to purchase something from someone that can relate to them.
  2. Be memorable. Just like the way we associate a brand and its products/services with its advertisement, so too would your whiteboard animation video could be used by your audience to help them remember your brand. A good television advertisement would use an emotion or a to appeal to the audience and the script and storyboard would all be integrated to reflect this emotion or mood so that it increases the likelihood of your whiteboard animation video becoming memorable.
  3. Content is king.Some studies have shown that people will typically watch a video for 2-3 minutes before losing interest while others show that if the audience is targeted and is genuinely interested, they will watch as long as the video entertains and/or informs. Of course, all of this does depend greatly on the content and the audience.
  4. Sound natural.Due to voice inflection, speed, emphasis on certain words or phrases, and the way people naturally speak, the written word can often time sound different than the spoken word. The purpose of a script is to sound as if the person in the video is speaking directly to the viewer.  If the script does not sound natural, conversion rates will suffer.
  5. Decide on the right video length.There have been several studies which suggest that the attention spans of online video viewers start to wanewithin the first 30-60 seconds of it.

There is no specific rule to follow to determine the length of your whiteboard animation video. However, making it too short may not convey your message completely and making it too long could also be off-putting to some viewers.So, deciding the appropriate length of your whiteboard animation video is something not to be taken lightly.

When it comes down to it, no matter how long the video is going to be, in order to maintain the attention and enthusiasm of the viewer there must be great content.  One effective method is to steadily give small tidbits of useful information throughout the entire whiteboard animation video.

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