How Effective is an Explainer Video?

There is no questioning the effectiveness of explainer videos. They are the most efficient tool for companies to market their brands. Anyone can use an audio visual commercial video to promote their products and services. But more importantly, explainer videos are a strategic part of content strategy for marketing. Until recently, many people were ignoring the benefits of using an explainer video. Companies always thought that explainer videos would be too expensive. While video itself can be construed as such, that does not apply to most explainer videos. In fact, they are one of the most cost-effective forms of internet marketing. Each day, advancement in technology is allowing video creation resources to become more affordable.

In reality, most marketing experts want to keep the benefits of explainer videos under the radar. Search engine optimization (SEO) companies typically charge a substantial amount of money to their clients for their services. Their overall aim is to deliver first place results to websites which hire them. Many of these SEO companies used all kinds of methods to achieve those results. However, creating a top rated explainer video can render similar outcomes. In some cases, even better than those of other forms of marketing. You will still need to make sure your website is optimized in other ways. Still, an explainer video will go a long way when it comes to search engine rankings and bringing visitors to your site.

When it comes to how your website is ranked, search engines such as Google measure several things. One of those is how long a visitor spends on your site or the bounce rate. If people come into your page and leave without looking at anything, that affects your page negatively. But, when visitors stay for longer than a minute or two, it helps your site significantly in rankings. That is where explainer videos come in to play. Most pages which have an explainer video typically keep visitors on their sites for at least two minutes. Within those two minutes, it is more than enough time to showcase your products and services via an audio visual commercial.

Companies love animated explainer videos or other types because they are so concise. A business can pack a ton of information in a short amount of time when using an explainer video. The average length for a great audio visual ad is about 35 to 130 seconds. But, most of them are about 60 seconds long. Still, it is more than enough time to get someone to know all there is to know about your brand. And to turn those viewers into conversions and sales.

People that create product explainer videos all have one theme in mind. They always use the visual audio adverts to show a problem and deliver a solution to the viewer. By using video footage, it is easier to present a problem-to-solution chain of events. It can be done using whiteboard explainer videos or live action. Some companies choose 3D animation or screencast. The end result is always the same since they allow you to tell the consumer what their problem is. And how your great product or service can provide them with a solution. Because of this, explainer videos have a high rate of conversion.

Marketing companies adore explainer videos due to their creativity potential. There is little to nothing you can do when using animation to create an explainer video. All you need is a great script and a top rated video creation company such as SquareShip. You can also use free explainer video programs or some that are not that expensive. In the end, you can do so much when it comes to promoting your brand and showing how it can solve the problem.

Social media sites are full of explainer videos and all other kinds of audio visuals ads. That’s because they can be used almost anywhere and people love sharing them. In addition, your company explainer videos can be uploaded to sites such as Vimeo or YouTube. It is here that people will find them according to what they are searching for. Unlike other forms of marketing, you also don’t need to spend too much time creating one. Explainer videos are easy to make and don’t require too much time learning about the process. That makes them more attractive to marketing experts, companies and individuals. Everyone wins since making a great explainer video doesn’t cost too much.

Another plus for company explainer videos or those made for a website are the reach they provide. Audio visual commercials can be used to target people of all ages and sex. Many of the companies who use 90 second explainer videos or shorter, also love their adaptability. You can edit an explainer video even long after you created it. In the event that you want to add new features, you can do so at the ending of the video.

People thinking about whether or not an explainer video is worth the money need to consider their results. In truth, the benefits of using an audio visual advert are too many to ignore. Customers who watch an explainer video are twice as likely to purchase a product or service. They are also 74% more inclined to buy something once they are done watching an explainer video. If that wasn’t enough, you also have the trust factor. Businesses who use videos to promote their products garnish 59% more trust from the consumers. At the same time, more than half of marketing professionals use explainer videos content for their clients. That’s because of their high ROI and other benefits.

The fact is that custom explainer videos can change your company, brand or website tremendously. The statistics don’t lie which means the benefits are proven, significant and real.

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