What is the Best Web Hosting for Your WordPress Site?

Your digital presence can make or break your business, especially if you’re in eCommerce or rely on web traffic to make a living. However, if you don’t choose the best website hosting suppliers, you may end up as a growing number of website owners: unhappy and looking for a solution. The best website hosting or WordPress hosting platform is one that offers the best load time, uptime, and customer service. We have narrowed them down to the some of the best for your WordPress site below.

Website Hosting


HostGator is one of the more expensive web hosts for WordPress hosting websites, but you will discover early on that it’s a small price to pay for quality. HostGator is one of the best web host sites available. It takes around 463ms to load, has an uptime of 99.96 percent, and is the third-fastest hosting service. It’s $13.99 per month, but for a reliable, seamless platform, you’ll happily pay that.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has been around for many years, hitting the ground running in 2001. While it continues to be one of the best website hosting services for WordPress sites, its uptime has slipped in recent years. It even had two hours of downtime in a three-month period – something most other web services don’t have in a 12-month period. For those who need their website to be accessible all the time, this may not be a risk you’re willing to take.

Aside from that, however, its customer support is exceptional, its hosting is fast with WordPress optimized servers, and it even has a live chat function to answer any of your questions about WordPress hosting and anything else.


If reliability, speed, and real-time support are important to you, then take a look at Bluehost for WordPress hosting. With 99.99 percent uptime and a load time of 419 milliseconds, this host is the creme de la creme for small business owners and bloggers.

What’s more, WordPress recommends it, and it comes with free site transfer and a domain name. The only downside is that you can’t pay for it monthly. For someone who is new to website hosting, Bluehost may not be your first choice for this reason. You may wish to shop around first before you decide to jump in with a 12-month subscription.


SiteGround is a popular website hosting service for WordPress sites, offering services for over 800,000 domains. What you will like about SiteGround is that it provides steady speed, albeit not as fast as Bluehost and HostGator, free site transfer and SSL, and excellent uptime.

SiteGround is also recommended by WordPress and offers some of the best WordPress support available. It is an expensive web host, but not one that will disappoint.

Website hosting is a crucial component when you create a website. Without premium hosting, your business can fail to take off. Do your due diligence and select a premium website host for your WordPress site that won’t fail to deliver.